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Walker Park, once a battle ground during the civil war, is a hidden treasure of the Edgewood community. Walker Park has an amazing open playing field that is used for many sporting activities including Rugby, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. Walker Park has great potential but it has been neglected in many aspects, such as its playground, park benches, bleachers, trash cans and general community needs. A lot more more can be done and the Friends of Walker Park is planning  to maintain the grounds, add a community garden and potentially a dog run in the near future.

Friends of Walker Park is a group of neighbors and friends of the Edgewood community who are in support of Walker Park. We are here to see to it that our park is given some needed attention and improvements that will embrace our community.

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We need your help. We have many plans in the works for this community and Walker Park such as a dog park, a community garden, new park benches, etc… We are working with the city of Atlanta and Park Pride to apply for grants and use their resources. However, to make all this happen we need to pull our resources as a community and share out talents, connections and even labor. If you have any special skills, talents, interests or resources you can share, please sign up up for a committee or joining us for clean up. Keep checking our calendar to see when the next clean-up will be scheduled.

So, what’s the plan?
• Awarded CDBG Grant ($100.000) for a new Playground. installation slated for fall/winter 2013
•We submitted a proposal for the Park Pride Matching Funds Legacy Grant of $100.000 last Friday. Awards decision for grant is December 2nd.

• A walking path around the ball-field;
• Appropriate lighting,
• Adding a dog run (overwhelmingly requested by the impressive amount of dog owners in Edgewood);
• Improving on Walker Park’s aging façade and install new site furnishings and signage.

We are currently working on a fundraising plan to raise a minimum of $ 20.000 to help fund parts of these projects (if awarded full legacy grant)  and we will need community support in reaching that goal.

For more information, check out the Friends of Walker Park website.

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