Edgewood’s Walker Park Receives $100,000 from Park Pride

walker park edgewood master plan

Master Plan for the New Walker Park

Park Pride announced its 2013 recipients of matching grants for park renovations and capital improvements. Among the 17 parks grantees, is Walker Park, historic Edgewood’s only park. This grant comes at a crucial time for the Friends of Walker Park and the Edgewood community and will allow for an ambitious project to resurrect the 8 acre park from its more than 30 years desolate state. The grant will help fund a track around the playing field, a fenced in dog park, additional lights, some fencing and benches around the playground area.

“The grants are only part of the story,” acknowledges Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki. “Given the requirement for matching dollars to be raised locally, the actual impact on these parks is more than double the size of the grant. Working together with local communities and government partners, we are achieving results that could never be accomplished working in isolation.”

“We are thrilled and forever grateful for this donation from Park Pride and its affiliates” said Friends of Walker Park, Chairperson, Lisa Ward. “This is the beginning of something good and much needed for Walker Park and the Edgewood community as a whole. There is still much work to do to carry on with this renovation process. We will still need to raise more than $20.000 dollars within the 1 ½ grant calendar year to fully complete phase 1 for the proposed projects and we see this grant extremely fitting to lead us on. We are truly getting closer to making this park a true community asset. Thank you ”

Walker Park has suffered for more than 3 decades from lack of public interest which rendered its amenities obsolete and its space dysfunctional. With this grant, the Friends of Walker Park hope to reveal this hidden gem by implementing key elements that will allow safe and simultaneous use of the park by the community, Atlantans and visitors alike.

You can learn more about Walker Park renovations (phase 1) and how to help the friends of Walker Park  reach their goal at their website: www.friendsofwalkerpark.org

Visit the site and give a contribution!

Article from: East Atlanta Patch by Friends of Walker Park

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