Edgewood Security Patrol Open Enrollment!

Information Provided By: Nathan Dean

Now through November 15th the Edgewood Security Patrol will have open enrollment for the 2014-2015 year – our second year. Here are some answers to a few questions you might have about this:

What is the ESP?esp

The Edgewood Security Patrol is a neighborhood volunteer run and funded non-profit organization committed to reducing crime and increasing the quality of life in Edgewood.  We do this in a number of ways including paying an off-duty SWAT officer to conduct targeted patrols throughout the neighborhood, collaborating with APD on crime related issues, organizing members to respond to localized crime situations and provide needed information to APD, providing information on best practices on staying safe, throwing parties and hosting social gatherings to increase the social vitality of our neighborhood.

What Did We Accomplish Our First Year?

The Edgewood Security Patrol reduced crime and increased the quality of life in Edgewood in a number of ways this past year.  We added approximately 600 targeted SWAT Officer patrol hours to the streets of Edgewood.  We have seen the quietest summer in relation to crime anyone can remember.  Through deterrence measures we brought an end to a string of car break-ins in the northeast quadrant of Edgewood.  We have addressed dozens of smaller issues throughout the neighborhood.  We have watched out for each other. We have thrown parties and we have had fun.  We have had a great first year and I am even more excited about year two.

Why Should You Join the ESP?

  • Because you believe that human life flourishes in safe and connected neighborhoods
  • Because you want Edgewood to be the safest and most socially vibrant and connected neighborhood in all of Atlanta
  • Because you would like to be a part of a group of neighbors working to increase the safety and vitality of Edgewood
  • Because you would like to have more fun and informal ways to get to know more of your neighbors
  • Because you would like to have a police officer paying special attention to your home while you are out of town
  • Because you would like to have a police officer paying special attention to your house and street throughout the week
  • Because you want your neighbors to be safe
  • Because the ESP’s community approach makes it the best crime deterrence and prevention system available
  • Because the economics of the ESP just keep getting better.  If you joined this first year, your $200 membership fee would have afforded you approximately 600 SWAT Officer patrol hours.  That alone is a $24,000 value and it will only get better this next year
  • Because when you are in danger you would like to have a police officer ready to respond as quickly as possible
  • Because you would like to have one of those cool ESP signs to put in your front yard

What is the Open Enrollment Period?

In order to use the patrol dollars we have the most effectively and responsibly, we need to know how many patrol dollars we have to work with for the year.  Having a set open enrollment period allows us to do that.  Having a set enrollment period does not prevent neighbors from joining during other times of the year, it just means that the $200 fee is not prorated (unless someone has recently moved to the neighborhood).  By joining before the November 15th deadline members receive the full benefit of annual membership and patrol coverage and the ESP board knows what it has to work with for the year.

How Do I Join?

You can join at anytime by going to http://www.edgewoodsecuritypatrol.org/join and submitting your information. You can find information on paying the membership fee at http://www.edgewoodsecuritypatrol.org/pay-dues


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